A counterintuitive roadmap to overcoming anxiety. Steps, Structure & Strategies, grounded in Science.



In just a few minutes, you can permanently change the way you think of anxiety and its recovery.

Developed to overcome anxiety using an alternative approach, this model has helped hundreds of people create revolutionary change in their lives.

Your content is very good & exactly addresses the problems I faced & the points where I got stuck repeatedly. Very useful. Somehow I lost so many years of my life knocking on the wrong doors of people/doctors. You guide/provide intuitive and perfectly apt strategies to deal with the problem, with scientifically proven explanations. Your suggested ways of coming out of the problem make perfect sense and those which I have been practicing for quite some time now. THANK YOU so much.

I have seen doctors, psychologists, read a ton of self help books, but nothing has made more sense than the ideas that Namita is presenting here. It's like "Shit, this lady really f... gets me. She understands the struggles, and yet doesn't give you the usual "think more positive and push the negative away", "it's hereditary" or my favorite of all, "just take this little pill when you are anxious". 

Anxiety Academy presents you with uncommon and nuanced perspectives about anxiety, grounded in clinical science.

Compare these new ideas with your own experience. Once you see how it matches, you'll be ready to apply the counterintuitive strategies, techniques, and tools I give you in this program.

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  • Understand anxiety with a new foundation using a science-backed and counterintuitive model

  • Simplify anxiety’s complexity and find the precise points of intervention that matter at this stage

  • Understand why conventional strategies do not work, why using them was normal and learn the sneaky ways in which they’re disguised

  • Master your anxious mind by gaining deep knowledge about how the mind works and the counterintuitive route to get it on your side

  • Get in touch with your core anxiety beliefs and create a targeted program to change your beliefs

  • Get a step-by-step, actionable template to make your goals & start achieving them


  • Do things that your fears said were impossible for you to do

  • Experience fewer symptoms, such as troublesome thoughts, urges and sensations

  • Start projects that you put on hold because anxiety took the front seat 

  • Become more creative, take more risks and live more fully

  • Re-engage with your relationships not from a place of dependence, but one of confidence and contribution

  • Find yourself becoming the kind of person you've always wanted to be

From Day 1, I got succour. I have acted un-anxiously in the face of terror. I have made my wobbly legs walk, I have made my paralyzed mouth talk, I have forced food into my closed throat, I danced when my heart was pounding. It is Day 6 and my levels are very small and getting smaller. I now have self belief. I have returned to work after a month off. I took my daughter on a school trip, I went for a meal at times my feet were in treacle, but now it's better and the treacle is leaving. I can breathe. My life is my choice, not anxiety’s. You have saved my life and given me the opportunity to parent and live well. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have.

I loved your course. In truth, this wasn't just about anxiety but something bigger. It's helping me to evolve as a person and become more aware of who I am. I was left feeling very empowered to move forward in my life with some goals that I had been putting off. This course has allowed me to become more present and accepting of my mind. I'm no longer run by my mind and if I ever feel like I am, then I just go back to your modules. Namita, you are profound and beyond your time... You're kind and compassionate...I enjoyed all of my time with you... Every module you made was well organized and easy to understand. Thank you!

First I looked around on your website and read some articles. I couldn't help but become overwhelmed with emotion as I saw the very same stuff that's in my head jump out at me from your pages. I mean literally, some of the same exact things I say, feel or do related to my anxiety/panic. I knew I just struck "gold"! I ordered your course and just finished Module #1. After working on myself for over 20 years, I just had the largest emotional release I have ever felt in my entire life and it was "authentic", not mind driven, as my ego just loves to be involved. As I read through module one and completed the exercises, I wrote in my notebook as I had "ah ha" moments of recognition in my own behavior/actions/thoughts on what you were describing. It's as if I came face to face with my own self, could SEE it for what a destructive force it has been in my life, and I completely lost it in a river of tears. I mean I just totally busted all my self bullshit. The sense of RELIEF I felt from the understanding of what was happening to me is indescribable. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can't wait to move on to the next modules!! You've given me hope and given me the tools to get my life back!!

The course with Namita and especially the one to one sessions were really helpful! Finally someone could relate, and address all the very specific questions to my anxiety. I am now learning how to regulate myself and not be afraid of whatever my mind does, and be in charge again of my life. Yes, there are hard times and setbacks but I am using the knowledge and the messages Namita has taught us. I am strongly recommending this to anyone who struggles with anxiety. Namita is so empathetic and always to the point, she really listens and addresses all your but-ifs, and tangled thoughts and sensations, and at the same time she gives you an optimism and helps you realize your own strength.


  • You find comfort and confidence in being more of an analytical person. You appreciate motivational philosophies, but they don't always work for you. You're more interested in finding the root, scientific cause of problems

  • Your experience has proven to you that conventional treatments, strategies and goodwill have not really worked for your anxiety

  • You're tired of dealing with one crisis at a time. You're more interested in learning a framework that targets the repeated, downward patterns you get trapped in, regardless of the issues

  • You know that no magic pills exist and that your change will take practice. But you're a problem-solver, and you still have hope that despite the many failed trials, there has to be a path that feels right for you



You will receive 4 modules - each includes short, structured lessons that build on clearly explained core concepts.


We will tease apart anxiety’s scores of seemingly impossible, complex and often non-verbal traps that keep you feeling stuck. The result will be a counterintuitive and goal-oriented framework with a clear path on how to overcome anxiety.


You will get insights, perspectives, exercises, templates and strategies.


Packed with extensive content, each module functions like a stand-alone course.


These lessons are grounded in clinical science. There is emerging research that clinically proves these strategies work. I have studied psychological literature extensively, done some decluttering and organized what is relevant for us. This model has basis in multidimensional psychological modalities, but has been presented in everyday language that is simple to understand and organized to make it goal-oriented.


For more details on the topics covered, here's a module breakdown.







The "anxiety loop material" was extremely useful for me, to show how the same loops and behaviours emerge, even though the triggers and thoughts may be very different. It turns a potentially very disparate set of compulsions/behaviours into a single thing, namely how the anxiety model causes us problems and what we can do about that.

Module 4, I think it puts together very nicely the concepts from the previous modules, and then ties them to a new way of dealing with anxiety. One that is very simple to understand and makes complete sense.

Namita is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and understanding; and I felt so very safe in her hands. As someone who’s 'been there', she had so much to offer me, and even in a short space of time, I felt more in control of my physiological reactions to anxiety - making me feel stronger than I had in a long time.

I felt like I gained the permission to ditch the model I knew was not working. It provided a logical, scientifically reasoned alternate model which better explained why I was experiencing what I was.


    Is this program entirely online? How long do I have it and what tech will I need to access it?

    How does it work once I enroll?

    Will this program work for my specific anxiety?

    What is the underlying clinical science this model is based on?

    I am currently in therapy. Can I do this program along with therapy?

    Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

    More questions?

    I feel I can really connect with your no-nonsense approach. It has vindicated what I feel like I always knew but had no way to prove to myself! 

    She taught me to listen to my body and the signals it was sending me to look after it and slow down. By doing this, I became so much more aware of what things caused me anxiety and how to deal with the feelings when they came - and overcome them! 


    It has also encouraged me to have a better relationship in general with my body. How long I had ignored the signals of stress it was sending me! And how long I had avoided certain situations because of the hidden anxiety attached to them, allowing it to overpower me! Now, I listen to my body, and in doing so I find doing the things that make me anxious so much easier to manage!

    Not only matched many of my own beliefs, which I have not read anywhere else with the same emotional accuracy or encountered from medical professionals. The path that you recommend not only makes sense, but matches the diligent self work I think is necessary to eventually free myself from anxiety just as I had inadvertently trapped myself in the past. Thank you very much.

    I was just triggered but rode it out, once I realized what was happening. Reading this gives me hope.


    Anxiety Recovery Strategist

    Closing words from the Founder of Anxiety Academy...

    This is the kind of program I wish I'd found sooner in my life.


    Traditional methods did help me to a degree, but it's also true that I went through a lot of nonsense, years of which was packaged as professional treatments. I wish to save you from some of that.


    I am incredibly grateful that eventually, I did find a way out. I’m still learning, evolving and hope to forever stay committed to this path, but finally now, there is comfort in having access to the right blueprint. A framework that now allows scores of people from all around the world reclaim their own lives back from anxiety's hijack.


    It is my big wish that in sharing what I found and put together in Anxiety Academy, I positively support you in your journey towards the life you want.


    In this program, you're going to get tools and strategies that even years of therapy or medicine might not bring up. Now all you have to do is start the steps and try it for yourself.


    I have done it. Hundreds have done it. And so can you.


    If you’re ready to join me in the Anxiety Academy, let’s get started.


    Anxiety Educator & Recovery Strategist


    • 5 hours of high-quality content, broken up into 4 sharply focused modules

    • Easy to digest lessons; complex concepts translated into an easy, orderly and structured framework

    • Engaging videos & graphics to enhance learning

    • 8 downloadable worksheets, step-by-step templates and 4 module summaries to put your insights into action

    • Guided program which is also self-paced 

    • Instantly accessible and entirely online. No waiting time for any weekly sessions

    • Lifetime access. Repeat as many times as needed or come back whenever you want

    • Access to targeted trainings offered inside the Academy that build on our foundation, such as my highly popular course "Emotional Regulation Toolkit" (a library of exercises to practice building behavior skills)

    • Priority in future coaching, memberships and masterclasses